NU50 Rear rim: Same as...?

Can anyone say, definitely, categorically, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt that a NU50 Urban Express rear rim is interchangeable with any other Honda Express that featured the 14" rims? Like the NC50 or NC50M Expresses from '80 and '81? Tried asking the local Honda dealer, but that is INVARIABLY a wasted effort; they claim that there is "no way" to differentiate between the various models' parts interchangeability because "all the parts have their own numbers. All we can do is tell you the number for each one's rear rim." Worthless.

Re: NU50 Rear rim: Same as...?

Jonas Quimby /

The front wheels should be the same through all years.

However Honda switched to a differant sized rim in 1981 on the Express. I THINK the Urban Express uses this same slightly larger rim.

If you're wondering why, it was because they stuck on larger back brakes and needed to enlarge the drum.

Re: NU50 Rear rim: Same as...?

A. J. Souza /

Thank you. It implies that I need to find either an Urban rear rim or try to find a replacement (new) and attempt respoking.

Re: NU50 Rear rim: Same as...?

I have an NU50 from1982. If you have any other things to discuss about it you can e-mail me directly. Mine is in quite good shape but does need a new taillight assembly as it was damaged in an accident.

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