Puch clutch replacement

Mitch Buchannon /


The acceleration has been steadily declining on my 78 Puch Maxi-Luxe. How can I tell whether it's my clutch going or something else? Also, can anyone confirm that '78 Puch Maxi-Luxe's have E50 engines? Thanks for your help.


Re: Puch clutch replacement

this magnum has the za50 engine, 2 speed. you can tell because the transmission just behind the head is kinda rectangular and is stamped "puch"


the puch in my profile has a e50 engine, 1 speed. you can tell because the transmission is kinda circular.

Re: Puch clutch replacement

Louie Armstrong /

That isn't the answer that he asked for.

If the engine runs fine and accellerates normally but it feels like the clutch isn't engaging, then it's the clutch.

The replacement clutch that MWH supplies is a better 3-shoe instead of the stock 2 shoe, so it will provide better than stock performance.


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