franco morini cylinder studs

While rebuilding the engine on my 1978 Batachi Snark I found the the cylinder studs are stripped at the end and will need to be relaced. The engine is a franco morini MO1. I was wondering if anybody knows how I could come by new cylinder studs to purchase or even know how to make them.

Re: franco morini cylinder studs

Jason Luther /

i think actual studs are easy to come buy, mopedwarehouse and the like. but ive made an exhaust stud for a morini just out of a bolt with the proper threads, just cut the head off. i imagine you could get some threaded rod for the cylinder studs, although it wont have the same shear strength as the stud, i think it would be just fine. -jason

franco morini cylinder studs

Either call BJ at Handy Bikes in Ohio: (614) 299-0550


visit <> get metric allen head socket bolts, the 12.9 grade. Cylender studs for the Morini MO are size 6mm X 1.0, if you get the 100mm, put them in the crank case(put a drop or two of oil or anti-seize copper grease to prevent them rusting in), cut off the heads then thread the bolt with a 6mm X 1.0 die, you should be all set to roll out.

Re: franco morini cylinder studs

thanks for the ideas!

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