rusty tank

Does anyone know a cheap fix for a tank with a bit of rust in it? Maybe an additive to break it down and drain it???

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Re: rusty tank

KREEM works great! $25

Re: rusty tank

Thanks for the reply, where would I find KREEM? I'll check my local shop.

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If you are going to use Kreem, be really, really careful with it. The prep stages are very important to having it work correctly. I've seen a bad job ruin a tank.

I did my tank this week, and had some unintended consequences. The petcock was shot, so I decided to use it as a plug when doing a muriatic acid soak. Sometime during the night, the acid ate completely through the pot-metal petcock, and the tank ejected the contents all over the garage floor, and over the bike itself.

Luckily, nothing got damaged except for a stainless steel hemostat, which now has an etched appearance. Oops.

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Allen Murphy /

I'd use POR-25 instead of Kreem.

I have a Honda motorcycle with a Kreem job on it, and it's breaking up and clogging the float valve needles.

Might be due to the alcohol in the fuel these days, but I don't really care WHY, but I wouldn't recommend Kreem as such.

My .02 worth, Al Murphy

Re: rusty tank

I did the first two steps of the Kreem application and skipped the goop.... I just flushed it out good with soap and water several times afterwards and my inside tank went from a crusted rusted cruddy look to a clean gunmetal gray... I just keep it filled now and the oil and gas coat it fine... I haven't had any problems and its never clogged even though I dont use an in-line filter and only rely on the filters in the petcock... I dont recommend no in-line filter but I pull my carb all the time to check it and test jets and stuff and there has never even been a trace of rust in the bowl or jets:P

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