Fast to Idle while riding issue

It cropped up last summer and I haven't been able to fix it...if I roll off the throttle as I'm riding, the ped doesn't return to idle in a reasonable amount of time, even when I've come to a stop. It doesn't seem to have that issue when I'm just sitting and I give it some gas, letting it return to idle. It never seemed to do that before. At one point, it almost felt like the throttle was sticking, but since I replaced the throttle cable, I really haven't ridden enough yet to see if that has stopped.

Anyone know the reason for this and if it's fixable? Thanks!

Re: Fast to Idle while riding issue

Any takers on this???

Re: Fast to Idle while riding issue

Sounds like the throttle slide is hanging up in the bore. On most moped carbs, the throttle slide and the bore are both made of the same cheapo pot metal. Over time, they scuff each other and this can cause sticking.

Use a little crocus cloth or #400 wet-o-dry (used wet) to remove the heaviest scuffing (you won't get it all off without changing the shape of things too much) then polish to a bright finish with something like simichrome, or some other fine metal polish.

If the carb was sticking, this should fix it. Might also be that the slide spring is sacked - assuming the cable, twistgrip etc all work smoothly.

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