Batavus mechanic needed,on site

Would someone be willing to travel to Galion, Ohio, 44833?? Very near to Mansfield, Mt. gilead, Bucyrus, Crestline(US 30), Shelby, etc...

To help me get this Batavus HS running? (Laura M-48)

I know next to nothing about moped engines, and this one isn't running. It wasn't running when I bought it,and it wasn't running when Previous owner bought it.

I have no idea what the problem is, nothing happens at all when I try to start it. It has compression(finger test) thats all I know. I replaced the spark plug, and cleaned the fuel tank and carb out, added fresh fuel and oil.

Would prefer someone who knows what they're doing have a look. Can pay for (reasonable) cost of travel as well.

Re: Batavus mechanic needed,on site

Don Pflueger /

if you can bring it up to cleveland i'd be glad to look it over. i have tons of batavus service manuals in my shop and have restored a va50. they are not hard to work on. but its easier for me to work on them here since this is where all my tools and equipment are.

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