Tires, plastic and rubber?

Three questions:

1) Sources for 14" tires used on Honda NC50, NU50 bikes?

2) Any ideas how to "restore" those black side covers on Puchs? They have faded to dark gray with time and exposure and I am wondering if there's a safe and simple way to rejuvenate them? (Tried Simple Green, soap, Armour-All, etc. Not much success.)

3) Any clues about restoring the cracking rubber(?) on my old Magnum MKII ignition switch/speedometer housing? Same problem: Heat, sun, exposure over long haul has it cracking a lot. Wondered if there was a way to fill cracks and rejuvenate the material?

Re: Tires, plastic and rubber?

I can't do much for you as far as Honda-specifics go, but the "cracking rubber" your experiencing is called dry rot. As the petroliates in the rubber evaporate over time, the rubber becomes brittle and weak. Any important rubber (tires, wire housings) should be replaced on a moped that's showing dry rot. Though you may not be able to see all of it, it's there. Specifically tires and tubes.

Try google for tires, just put in the size (14 x 2.5) or whatever.

Good luck with your parts search!

Re: Tires, plastic and rubber?

Re: Tires, plastic and rubber?

Yeah, there isn't much to do about dry rot, but replace the parts. You can try armor-all; it might make things look a little better, but it can't reverse the rot.

BTW, never, ever, use armor-all on rubber or plastic that is not already suffering. I've seen this product ruin tires, dashboards etc. Personally, I consider it a junk product.

For god's sake keep it off of the seat, unless you want to fall off of the bike. We used to have a running joke around the shop, when we had a bad customer to deal with. "I think I'll Armor-All his seat".

If you want a nice factory-shine on rubber or plastic, get some plastic dressing / hand glaze from an automotive paint supply store.

To give old tires a new look, use a little DOT3 brake fluid on a rag. Works wonders, just keep it off the treads.

Re: Tires, plastic and rubber?

doh! you've got a honda not a puch. sorry.

Re: Tires, plastic and rubber?

Actually, Toonces, the tire is for the Honda. The cracking plastic and rubber parts are from my Puchs.

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