Throttle cable came ouT!

New bike.. 3rd day ont he road. the throttle cable came out... is this put back inable easily?

do i jsut take the whole throttle off? and put cable back in and tighten?

is it simple?

I would have to drive an hour to bring it back to dealer to get it repaired there....

Re: Throttle cable came ouT!

Will did you look already on the underside? There is a little hole where the cable goes underneath the screw. Look carefully with lots of light. The screw must still be there. As you tighten, the screw clamps the cable in place. If the screw is missing then we need to replace it. It can probably put one in the mail for you. Take a pic and attach to the post. So we can know what your talking about.

Re: Throttle cable came ouT!

unfortunately the screw is gone and so is where you screw it in.

the slider piece is there but the slider has a cone tht the screw screws into ..that cone broke off.. heres a diagram of wha ti mean....


Re: Throttle cable came ouT!

hey this is Wills buddy Dave.... after looking at his bike we realised that the little sliddy thing that the screw in question threads onto broke.. it is a square shaped part with a raised neck that, that screw threads too.. it broke at the neck of that peice... he needs the sliddy thing and a screw... i cant see it costing that much... also the cable wire itself is pretty chewed now up probally 3 inches... im guessing htere is some slack at the other end that we can adjust this for... my buddy is really bummed out that he cant ride his ped... so quick advice is appericated.. i would assume this part is realitivly inexpencive and can probally be found at a local motorcycle shop.... advice needed

Re: Throttle cable came ouT!

Nathan Edwards /

Take it back to the dealer. They will have to fix it and then it is under warranty. If you do something and it messes it up worse then you might not have the pleasure of a warranty anymore. Also, its there job to fix defects. Make sure they do there own job. An hour aint bad, get some Tom Waits CDs and have a good one.

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