?????road laws?????

do i need to have turn signals in PA?

i got a used ped and it dose not have them on it?

Should i takethe time to put them back on?? or4 can i just use my hands?

Re: ?????road laws?????

u can use ur hands and look like a duche or u can be hardcore and fuck the 4 wheelers and do what ever u want

Re: ?????road laws?????

thats how moped laws become more and more stringent. If we are assholes (like most of them) and cause danger on the roads, they are going to take away our rights.

If i were you, i'd get blinkers installed, i think they are kinda fun :p

Re: ?????road laws?????

John Joedicke /

Probably if the bike didn't come with blinkers you still don't need them. What year of ped? Hand signals are legal but the cagers will probably think you are just getting ready to flip them the bird. Motorcyclists use them all the time.

Re: ?????road laws?????

lmao. I get "waved" to all the time, then they pull right out in front of ya. Get some turn signals. I'd kill for some.

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