Motobecane Low Voltage Problem

I'm replacing the horn on my '79 50V, and found that the new 12V horn i bought (old one is lost) hums at idle but screams at high RPM.

Same with the tail light, dim to bright. Headlight - sorta the same, but not as bad.

Keep in mind that the lights are ALWAYS on (switch is stuck).

Is this a common problem with the lights on, or do I have some other problem lurking?

Any ideas on how to unfreeze the headlight switch?

Re: Motobecane Low Voltage Problem

About the switch - I'd remove it, and soak it down good with something like Kroil. To break it free, don't just put a lot of pressure on it. Try tapping it lightly with a block of wood or something. The light shocks will do more than strong pressure.

Once it's free, I'd flush the kroil out with something like TV tuner cleaner, that will leave behind a little lube for the switch contacts.

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