i want to know what i need to put on some new sprockets, and how to do it. i dont have any right now cause i dont know what i need or where to get it. i was told that the front will give me more torque and the rear will give me speed but how much, and is it worth the trouble. also can you do both or only one and do i need to get a new chain if i put them in?

please help i wanna do shit to my ride but i dont want to screw it up. i have a batavus badger

Re: Sprockets??

email ike at ikesbikes

Re: Sprockets??

will he know what i need by the model or should i count the teeth on the stcok ones?

Re: Sprockets??

count the teeth to be sure, but there is a chance he knows

Re: Sprockets??

cool ill do that

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