'80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

Thanks much to Jax184 for his help regarding my Honda Express. Here's my new dilemma: when the starter engages the flywheel, it's turning the motor counter-clockwise. Most engines run clockwise. Why is this one turning counter-clockwise? Is it supposed to be that way? Thanks again. And again, if anyone needs my help, just holler.


Re: '80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

Jonas Quimby /

This is in fact the direction the engine is ment to run.

I cant think of anything that could go wrong mechanicly to cause it to reverse.

Re: '80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

2-stroke engines are amazing little creatures, they can run in either direction with a little modification.Jim.

Re: '80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

Backwards and counterclockwise are fuzzy terms. If you look at an engine that is running counterclockwise from one side, it will be running clockwise when viewed from the other side.

The direction of rotation of an engine depends on what kind of gearing is in the gearbox. If there is a single gearset the engine will run "backwards" and if there is a double gearset (or no gears) the engine will run forward.

As long as he bike goes forwards it makes no difference.

And yes, like the other thread says, a two stroke can easily run backwards. Years ago there was a little bubble car called a Messerschmidt (sp?) , yes the same maker as the German airplanes in WW2. They mada a little three wheeled car with a Sach two stroke engine in it. The engine had an electric starter and two sets of points in the engine. To back up, the engine was shutoff, a switch was thrown reversing the starter and using the second set of points and the engine would start and run in reverse. Four speeds backwards. Pretty neat but must have been scary.

Re: '80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Hey Silverfox, I got in trouble in USAF electronics school when the instructor said the search radar antenna rotated clock wise and I asked him "from the top or bottom view". Also I think some 2-stroke golf carts change engine directions to back up. Jim.

Re: '80 Honda Express II Cranking Backward??

John Joedicke /

And any Honda car turns in the opposite direction.

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