kinetic tfr u.s.a. heads up guys.

i bought 3 kinetic tfr mopeds. # 3 will be here in afew days . o.k. make shure you check the moped over real good , ive found many nuts loose, where the exhaust pipe connects to the head there is a clamp around the exhaust , that nut was almost off and the exhaust pipe had dropped down about a half inch. the tire valve stem holding nuts were super loose. so check out every thing you can. ( what a great tool kit these mopeds have ) lol. check all nuts bolts and screws.

Re: kinetic tfr u.s.a. heads up guys.

Allen Murphy /

Didn't notice that on mine when it got here, but it's excellent advice for ANY moped after it's been shipped!

Lot cheaper that replacing parts when they FALL OFF!

Al Murphy

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