hardwiring a minarelli?

i have a general five star that only sparks when tested with a 6 volt battery (https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/6/18716/18716/ ). i wanted to try hardwiring it to eliminate as many possible problems/wires as i could. does anyone know of a makeshift diagram that would help me out? ive already eliminated the turn signals and speedometer lights, etc, but im not exactly sure what else i can take out. any suggestions?

Re: hardwiring a minarelli?


Re: hardwiring a minarelli?

if you can find a wiring diagram for it, the only wires you need to make something run is the wire from the points to the coil, and a ground.

That's as bare as it gets. On most peds, the kill switch works by grounding out this wire.

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