wheels frozen

I just bought a puch(looks like maxi) and a honda express,both sat outside for a entire year uncovered and havent run in 4 years,the back wheel on the puch is frozen(wont move) and the same for both wheels on the express,any Ideas on how to try to get them to move?

Re: wheels frozen

check to see if the wheels are alighned properly they could be damaged, also they're probably rusted to **** with a whole year outside, _if_ there is a ton of rust on the wheel splash both of them up with some penetrating oil/lubricant and let set for a bit, when that's don't scrub off the brownish film with a toothbrush till clean then try and spin the wheels

if that doesn't work check to see if the brakes have locked up

Re: wheels frozen

Checking the brakes and wheel bearings would be a start. I worked on a scooter that sat and the brake shoe (compound) had come free from the pad itself and wedged its self in there locking up the rear wheel.

Re: wheels frozen

Non Essential /

hows the simplest way to access the wheel bearings?

Re: wheels frozen

Remove the wheel(s), take off the brake backing plate (so you don't ruin the shoes) and soak the hub/axle with penetrant. I'd suggest Kano Kroil; WD-40 might work, but it's a joke compared to Kroil. When things are freed up, disassemble, inspect, and replace / repack as required.

It also won't hurt you to find a manual, or at least an exploded parts diagram, so you know how things go together (come apart).

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