Motobecane Cady decompressor issues

I just bought a Motobecane Cady from a mechanic at a local place that sells cheesy new scooters. I'm not sure of the year, but I know this: the decompressor cable is missing, and the whole setup for it seems illogical. I think additional parts for this mechanism must be missing because it doesnt seem like simply attaching a cable to it would provide enough force to push it in. Am I wrong? Attached is a photo , does it look like I am missing parts? Thanks.


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Re: Motobecane Cady decompressor issues

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

you need to get a new cable. a throttle cable should do the trick for you thats what i have on my 50v. take a look at your head. you should see a little groove just below what you can see on the picture. put the cable end in that groove and run your cable up to your lever. easy as that. if you dont havec anywhere to get a new throttle cable from go to walmart and you can buy a pack of bike cables. you should be able to cut one of those to the proper length. if you go the bike cable route you may need to take a dremel to the cable end to try and make it fit in you head.

Re: Motobecane Cady decompressor issues

Take a look at the Motobecane parts section on - they have parts-book diagrams for pretty much the whole machine.

Study & compare to what you have. If parts are missing, you shouldn't have much trouble figuring out which ones they are.

The motobecane repair manual on might also have an exploded diagram.

Re: Motobecane Cady decompressor issues

Shortly after posting I was poking around the moped and noticed the second, lower groove, and it all became clear to me. Thanks for the reply.

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