screeching clutch cable

when the clutch cable moves there is the most horrific sound that comes from the nut at the base of the cable. i tried to fix it but it seems as though the nut does not want to tighten enough to prevent it from wiggling. am i missing something like a washer that should be closing the gap?

Re: screeching clutch cable

is the cable wire itself in good condition? mine used to sqeak before i exchanged it with a new one

Re: screeching clutch cable

hmmm... it seems ok . i made a couple of adjustments to it and it seems ok for the moment but i think i may change it in a little while.

where could i get one?

Re: screeching clutch cable

take the brake cable from a bicycle, cut the cable as desired and substitue it, although i must admit it's going to take some adjustment... my maxi clutch is being activated using a brake cable from a bicycle and it works fine

Re: screeching clutch cable

oh awesome i didnt realize it was that easy. ill do it today if it starts acting up on my ride this afternoon.

by the way what is the reason for it, any ideas?

Re: screeching clutch cable

well with my bike it started to screech because it was old and the steel just wore out...

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