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the 1/2" to 3/4" sounds about right. What i would also do is rotate the wheel and find the tightest spot in the chain and do it here. Most sprockets that are not new are like this. Mine on my CBR 600 even has some tight and loose sections. if you don't do this then it will be too tight in the tight section of the chain. Also if you ever replace a chain its a good idea for new sprockets too. As the chain wears it stretches. The metal itself doesn't stretch its the wear thats between the rollers and plates all added up that make the slack. As these get longer so do the valleys in the sprocket. Now you go and throw a new chain on these lengthened valleys and it'll stretch it much faster. Not many people do this because it is more expensive but in the long run its not. a good chain and sprockets should last a long while. Especially on a moped.

I would also reccomend Maxima chain wax. It works awesome. I use it also on the CBR and it works better than any other chain lube I've used. I've used PJ1 both high tack and regular chain lube and it still flings. I have yellow rims and it makes a nice mess on them. The chain wax is actually waxy and its best to warm your chain before using it.. take the ped for a ride and lube right after. it goes on like any other chain lube just gets waxy when cold. The only time I've ever had it fling is when the chain gets really dirty. I've run it on 600 mile trips in the rain and it does good all day. if it can do all this on a motorcycle it'll do well on a ped. You can get this at most motorcyle shops.

To clean your chain, which you should do if its starting to get some dirt on it. it keeps the oil from getting into the rollers and such. use some kerosene. It works great also. If you got a lot of dirt between the rollers use a engine brush, and use a rag on the outer side of the plates. Wipe off any excess and let the ped stand for about 15 minutes to let the solvents dry. kerosene has oil in it that will be left behind and will not totally remove lubrication from the vital areas of your shain. gasolene and other chemicals will.

Hope this inof helps.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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