motobecane av88 issues

ok... finally got around to working on my '59 av88, replaced and readjusted the throttle cable and decompression lever cable. after doing that, trying to start it was a little more successful than before - the engine looks like it wants to turn (the flywheel will barely start to turn, maybe 1-1&1/2 spins), whereas before it wouldn't start to move at all. however, it still doesn't start and it doesn't sound like it's trying to start at all (no sputtering or anything).

a funny thing that happened is after about half an hour of trying to start it yesterday it felt like it had lost compression - there was almost no resistance when turning the flywheel by hand. i went back out this morning to try again and there was plenty of resistance, so i'm assuming the compression went up again. would this be caused by a leak somewhere or something?

i put new gas (4 oz. of two-stroke oil per gallon) in yesterday before i tried to start it up. i know gas is getting to the engine because i tested the fuel line where it meets the carburetor - i'm sure the entire fuel line could use a good cleaning but i know this moped has run before. when i bought it in november it would start but you had to use a power drill with a square bit inserted into the right side of the flywheel to start it. unfortunately, i don't have a power drill, couldn't take one with me everywhere i went, and would like to get this thing to start the way it's supposed to.

any suggestions? your input will be very much appreciated... thanks!


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