Fix a Squeaky Brake on a '79 Motobecane 50V

This squeaky brake is killing me. It's not a quiet, little squeak, it's a really loud, screeching, head-turning squeak every time I pull the brake lever at a certain tension.

Is this an easy thing to fix? I would assume it entails taking the wheel off, taking apart the drum brake and sanding it down a bit? Any suggestions?



Re: Fix a Squeaky Brake on a '79 Motobecane 50V

Hit the brake shoes and the inside of the drum with some dry medium sandpaper, and try to take off the glazing, if there is any. Be careful not to round off the edges of the shoes, especially the leading edge of the leading shoe - the edge profiles are important to the operation of the brake.If possible, use a little sanding block; that will tend to keep things square.

Then, put some good non-melting grease (like a Moly assembly lube, Bel-Ray makes a good one) on the brake cam, cam pivot shaft, and the fixed pivot shaft.

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