cleaning body rust

so, i have this old car that i was going to donate to a charity, but as a last thought i put it for sale on and a guy is going to trade me 2 moto guzzi robins. see the pic of one of them. i'm wondering what you all might recommend for the cleaning of rust on the body/ exposed metal? steel wool? wire brush?


Re: cleaning body rust

I'd recommend some scotchbrite, the brown kind. The green is finer and you can use that too. If its on the chrome ( I can't see the pic here good on my work computer) use the scothcbrite or steel wool and then get some mothers mag wheel cleaner and that shoud take some oxidation off also. All deoending on how far the rust isinto the chrome you might be left with some pitting. Wax the piece and that should keep i protected. I did that wiht my QT 50 and it came out pretty good. The chrome iis going to have a dull effect to it slightly but looks pretty good. If the chrome is real bad it might be best to paint it or get it rechromed.

On any aluminum pieces the mag wheel cleaner works awesome too. If your near a motorcycle dealer they have a tube paste stuff called semichrome that works jsut as good and is basically the same stuff.

Hope that helps


Re: cleaning body rust

I use four-o (#0000 Ultra-fine) steel wool to clean the surface rust off of chrome; makes it look like new. I know they say that the 3M green-pad stuff doesn't scratch, but I've seen otherwise.

Simichrome (and Flitz, which is similar) are very fine metal polishes. You can get a surface like glass, but damn.. they work VERY slowly. Lots of elbow grease.

Re: cleaning body rust

wd 40 and aluminum foil also work if you don't have anything fancy around.

Wash the residue off with a good soap and you can try some polishing compound.

The most important thing is the elbow grease!

Re: cleaning body rust

i use engine degreaser and a wire brush.

that stuff works wonders, but i dont think i've ever used it for the job it was intended for.

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