broken pedal

i was pedaling uphill when i snapped the pedal of my moped, i tried all means of getting the broken bit out of the pedal crank but it wont budge. any suggestions

Re: broken pedal

The same thing happenned to me!

well you probably haveta get another peal and arm... there are usualy plenty of them around.... I have a few extras for Puchs but Im not sure if they are the same... if they are I can send you one... theyre just taking up space in my aprtment which already l00ks like a motorcyc;e repair shop lol Check it and see if it's the side of the ped with the sprocket on it and if you have a pic.... that would be helpful!

Re: broken pedal

You might try using a screw extractor on the broken bolt. Or if it's broken above the level of the crank, cut a notch in it with a file, and use a regular screwdriver to take it out. A little heat from the torch and some good penetrant (like Kroil) will help.

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