Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

Puch Maxi II with a 12 mm bing carb. Getting a bullet exhaust. What # Jets should be purchased?

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

If you tell us which moped is yours from this list we can figure it out.. there isn't any Maxi II on the list!


Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

is the maxi 2 horsepower model, with za50(i think) engine, thanks

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

ok if it's a 2 hp maxi the stock jet is 64.. if it's a 2 hp maxi Luxe the main jet is 58... take a look at the carb and check the numbers stamped in the side to be sure... you have to remove it cause theyre on the back side facing in... but you can do it easy by losening the screws holding on the coil on the otherside of the ped and when you do that you'll have enough clearance to just swing the carb body up and slide it off the ped sideways without even disonnectiong the fuel line... a trick that comes in handy when you are changing and testing different jets... check the chart here: and figure out which carb you have http://mopedarmy.com/resources/articles/bingcarbs/

Then plan on ordering a few larger jets. My 77 Newport 1 speed went from a #50 to a #60 with the plug outta the back of the airbox... or a #58 with the plug in... its tricky..

My 80 Magnum 2 hp 2 speed more like yours went from a 58 toa 68 oe 70 with a Hi performance air filter.. they both have Biturbos ... hope this helps.. let me know how you make out!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

yah, this is tricky, because the carb numbers are 1/12/314 = Sport MKII and Newport 2 HP, but its not a Newport at all. I think the old owner replaced the carb with one from a newport. Should i get jets matching my bike or my carburettor. And how much bigger than stock do you think?


Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

It may be a the same engind as a Neport 2hp... in any event.. I had to go from a 50 to a 60 on my Newport 1.5hp 1speed and from 60 to 70 on my Magnum 2hp 2 speed which I think is basically the same engine as yours.. but you have to open up the airbox if you jet that high.. take the round plug outta the back of the airbox and youll be fine.... You man want to order 3 or 4 jets.. in that general range... What size jet is in there now??? That will be your starting point...

Do you have automatic oil injection?? You can also use a larger 14mm maifold to boost your speed further...

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

i was thinking about getting a different manifold, but i couldnt find any online, the other thing, is the carb currently has a 58 (i think, its kinda scratched on the number, it's either 52 or 58). I was thinking about getting a 60, a 62, and a 64, but if you say yours went a full ten numbers up, i should probably go higher. Thanks for your help, fratbone

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

those numbers are impossible to read lol... its prolly a 58 which is the size my 2hp used ... if you have an oil pump then you need a taller than usual manifold and the only way to get a 14mm is to drill out a tall 12mm.. it;s a total pain.. but with the 12mm intake youre not gonna get much more speed... it restricts the fuel/air flow... but you will get alot more poser offa the line....

two questions...

1. do you have an oil pump on your engine?

2. how fast does the ped go now??

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

the ped will go maybe 28-30 and it is not an oil injection, its old school mix style

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

If it doesn;t have an oil pump mount on the motor you may be able to use the shorter style 14mm intake... if so definately do that... cause with the 12mm you wont see much of an increase in top end speed... just more power...

You can find the 14mm on ebay and around if you look for one...

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

cool! thanks man, i appreciate it. So you suggest some higher jets, the 14 mm intake, all good advice, much appreciated. i am thinking about getting #66-70 of jets, but i am still just afraid that is a bit high. We'll see soon, wont we!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

those jet sizes sound about right.. they come in increments of 2 eg. 66,68.70... don't forget to test them with the plug in and out of the airbox.. rg. the 58 with the plug in witll prolly me similar to the 60 with the oplug out.....anthough I found that the larger jets with the plug out works best.... youjust have to experiment.

I suggest MWH for jets.. http://mopedwarehouse.com/catalog/default.php/cPath/36_67?PHPSESSID=9d0e75aea923878a02caa3fad26e470d

they are only 3 bucks each and I got mine in 3 days Priority mail! Chris at MWH rules!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

i like chris and the site, but lately they have been udergoing some communication issues i guess. Soonly i am thinking about making a big order from 50cc.nl, and they have one flat shipping rate, and good prices, so it will probably be worth it from them, what do you think?

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

Chris was moving.. he is fine now.. I just placed 2 different orders in the last couple of weeks and they came in 3 days.. when I tried to order 2 jets from 50ccnl I got this email...


1 62 main jet bing s 62 2.02 2.02

1 64 main jet bing s 64 2.02 2.02

Subtotaal/Subtotal Euro : 4.04

Verzekering/Insurance Euro: 1.50

Verz.kosten/Shippingcost Euro: 29.00

Totaal/Grand total Euro : 34.54


I was horrified and cancelled the order and got this email back........


The order-computer can not see if it fit's an envelope.

Those prices are for priority parcels till 5 kilo.

I can ship an envelop to the US for E 6,-, that's not priority it can take 2

- 3 weeks to arrive.


They are very nice there but unless you have a 5 kilo order you have to pay a minimum Shipping charge!!!! Unless you want to wait 2-3 weeks... I thought it was totally wierd that they wouldn't send me the 2 jets for less than that quicker!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

well, i am looking to buy the exaust and a few other parts like a performance air filter from them, so i figured it would be worth it. MHW doesnt have bullet exausts for a puch anywho

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

then that's the way to go then... as I said they are very nice there and super professional... and everyone I've talked to has great things to say about them!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

i've heard even greater things about chris though :p

I order from mwh all the time, i might as well give 50cc.nl a chance!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

that's exactly what I figured.. but I only needed 2 jets lol..

Chris is awesome... he has helped me out alot and gone way above and beyond.. once when I bought Biturbo (discounted on eBay for 50.00) exhaust he accidentally sent the Tomos instead of the Puch.. I emailed him and he called me within the hour at home and he shipped out the correct one within the hour and sent me my next order worth 30.00 at no cost!!!!! he is amazing... and he loves mopeding :P

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

holy crap, thats godly.

it seems implausable to be able to run that sort of a business and push profit, kudos to him.

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

I trust Chris...

We are going to have to rally when you get your ped set up... I'll cruise up from Boston and meet you in Western MA in the Berkshires south of Keene somewhere... or you can cruise north and meet me up in Putney VT area cause I'm planning a camping trip on the ped this summer in VT... It'll be cool!...

ok I just woke up from a nap and i have my helmet on for a ride over to Harvard SQ to hang out at Au Bon Pain outdoor cafe... they have cool bands outside there on Fri nites... I finally got the jets on my Magnum straightened out today and its runnin sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile check out this vintage Puch horn I got on eBay last weekend.. it came today and I installed it.. it's so funky and cool! BEEP BEEP


Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

oh man, i have the exact same horn

yes, you me and dannymoped will all ride together this summer, and i've been to that place, good times!

Re: Puch Carb Jets with Bullet Ex.

NO Way!!! I love that horn! I got it new in the original Puch package for 22 bucks.. I thought that was a pretty good deal!

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