Looking for tires

I am looking for some tires

one set for my puch maxi... preferably the new street "slick" style ones

and another set for my flandria bermuda 2.25" x 17" in a classic moped style

any websites, offers, or recomendations on brands would be great

Re: Looking for tires

Mike Lumbert /

Hey Bradv, go to BELLE Tire. thats where i got my moped tyres from 2.25 x 17 it took like 2 weeks to get them tho,they had to come on the next available banana boat :)))

they were like $15 apiece.


Re: Looking for tires

try www.themopedjunkyard.com

Re: Looking for tires

I think http://www.mopedsonline.com/m-o-l/shopping_center/parts_and_accessories/tires.htm has those slicks in a 60mph Sava... I have the same tires in a 17x2.50 size and they are thick, tough, and puncture resistant but expensive lol

Handybikes.com has 30mph Michelins for like 35 bucks a pair that are great too!

Re: Looking for tires

i've been less than pleased with mopedsonline.com. this is just my experience, but i ordered an innertube from them 2 weeks ago and still haven't gotten it. nor does their online order status checking work for me. and some of their email addresses bounce their emails back.

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