Is my Moby fork bent?

This might seem like an odd question, but:

The top triple-tree plate on my Moby fork is bent slightly upwards at the rear, in the area where the steering tube fits through. I can't tell if this is damage, or if it is designed like this (to make fitting the fork easier, maybe).

When the fork is fitted, the top triple tree plate does not sit squarely on the top bearing race. I need to know if I should correct this, or leave it alone.

If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate a clue-in before I create a problem trying to fix one.

Re: Is my Moby fork bent?

See Ya Moped Army /

It should be flat. Someone probably tried to pry it up to remove the fork assy.

Re: Is my Moby fork bent?

Perfect; I'll get that straightened later today. Thanks!

Re: Is my Moby fork bent?


if you are talking about a motobecane moby-x, or motobecane X1...

i think you are okay..

i have a motobecane x1 (same as mobyx, but from 1971)

and the front fork it bent SLIGHTLY toward the back... i didnt know either if that was normal...

i tryed to straighten it up... but couldn't do anything...

if you can get me a picture of the fork, i'll tell you if mines is the same...


Re: Is my Moby fork bent?

Once I got the fork in the vise (turned out the press wasn't needed) I could see that it wasn't just bent, but also slightly twisted. Problem was, some dip had dirven the bike for quite a while with no top nut on the steering. The handlebars had enough advantage over the loose top plate that it became distrorted over time.

The steering on this bike was truly a mess. Steering tube destroyed, about 10 balls missing, and about 2" of play at the wheel end. Strangely enough, the bearing races seem to have survived. It's all back together now, and feels fine so far.

MoPedLar had pretty much everything I needed for it. The new ball bearings came from the bicycle shop.

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