Dellorto Carb set-up??

Anyone have any knowledge as to how to set up a Dellorto model SHA14-12? I have taken it apart and cleaned it but I cannot get the engine to idle. There does not seem to be any idle circuit in the carb, just a main jet and a diffuser tube.

There is a idle adjustment screw but all it does is hold up the slide.

Any info appreciated.

Re: Dellorto Carb set-up??

Don Pflueger /

the idle circuit is just tiny holes drilled in the body of the carb. if you soaked the carb, and ran wire thru every hole you could find, and blew it out with an air compressor, theres not much more that can be done. it may not idle because it has an air leak at;

the intake

the cylinder base gasket

crank seal

or if you dont have an air box and filter mounted, and you've been running it for a long time that way, the cylinder may be worn out from dirt ingestion and the compression may be too low.

Re: Dellorto Carb set-up??

You need to clean the Idle jet. Do a search on IDLE JET. There is a pic of the idle jet and info of where it is and how to clean it.

Re: Dellorto Carb set-up??

Silverfox Sullivan /

I will check everything else but it might be that the crank seals are dried out. I got the 'ped for free the otherday from a lady who lived in Italy and had brought it home with her some years ago.

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