Re: 1981 jawa x30

Marshall Lewis /
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I own a 87 210, they are fine machines when they are working. I would recomend not to touch any wiring unless you are absolutley shure you have a problem there. I have never seen such a confusing wiring system, you may do more damage than good. 90% chance your cdi unit is gone that little black box on the left side under the tank. It's pretty simple if it sparks it's fine if not you could have faulty wiring or cdi is gone the coil I am told rarley goes. Jawas are notorious for their cdi units going bad you should get a new one before you pull anything apart unless there is ovious signs of previous owners messing with the wiring leave it alone. Replace the cdi if that does not solve the problem then do all that pulling wires out, think about it you should have a second cdi anyways as they do foul up so it is not a waist of money even if it's not the problem. I am a fellow Jawa owner and know the bike well electrics on these bikes are a nightmare Im just trying to save you a lot of frustration and wasted time. 90% chance it's the cdi-----try searching the net for THE JAWA SHOP in czechslovakia (I ordered a new top end for my Jawa incident free) Radim the owner does not take credit card so you have to wire the cash or send check. There's also a place in Germany MZ it's called, just search and yee shall find. Parts especialy cdi's are hard to find for Jawas so ordering from Europe may be you onley resort. The bike is worth putting money into as long as the body is in good shape Jawas are the smoothest mopeds I have ridden and I have almost ridden them all. Bon chance (good luck)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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