Puch Bogging problem

Okay. I am having issues with my puch bogging. Now, I have tried different jets but I am getting the same problem. I have a BiTurbo on it. I had a 64 and it was running fine, then started bogging a lot. I have a 68, running better but still get a really slow start and have to work on getting up to top speed.

Question: Should I drill some holes in my airbox and see if that helps? Switch back to the stock exhaust? I cannot find a happy medium here.

Re: Puch Bogging problem

get a bicycle, no need to jet or use performance exhuasts, just eat power bars

Re: Puch Bogging problem

try doswnjetting

Re: Puch Bogging problem

Check the carb passages for a blockage.............happens often,especially if you don't have an in-line filter or the bike has sat for a long time. don-ohio

Re: Puch Bogging problem

Hey Fred!

My Newporti is a 1.5hp with a biturbo.. the original jet for that engine was 50 I upjetted to 58 and it ran ok but when I tried a 60 and removed the plug in the back of the airbox it made a huge improvement.. the plug is the key.. if it's out it wont run at all with a 58 and if it's in it dies with a 60.. its tricky and believe me Ive tried like 30 combinations 12 &15mm carbs with 12/15mm intakes.. I found the smaller 14 intake worked much better but either carb is fine on that engine... aand the HI perf air filter works great with the larger jets...

I tried upjetting the Newport from the 60 to a 62 but it boggd bad... 60 is the largest it would run with.. but it screams now... mebbe youre overjetted and the warmer weather is makin it run richer?

now the magnum is a different story.. mine is driving me nuts at the moment..

I'm having the same problem.. I just put a Biturboon the Magnum and changed the carb to a 15mm Bing which I upjetted from 60 to 62,64 and finally 68. I have a Hi perf air filter too.. the problem is my manifold is only 12mm and it's the tall one no one sells 14/15mm for so I have to bore it out... but untill I do it will boggs at every setting..

BUT when I put the 12mm Bing back on it with a 68 jet it runs awesome.... smooth acceleration and shifting with a full throttle from a dead start... I did a plug chop and it was whitish gray so it's running too lean so I ordered the next few larger sizes and I'm not running it till they come..,

The thing thats driving me nuts is I'm wondering if I upjet the 15mm to an even bigger jet if it will smooth out.. or if the 12mm intake is just too restrictive to let it run properly. I pulled both carbs today and completely cleaned them and reassembled them.. I reek like carb cleaner and gas lol..

If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them...

Fred... sorry I spaced out on the Middle East show.. I remembered it on Sunday DUHHH I was so pissed at myself.. cause I love that place and would have definately come if I remembered.. too may gas fumes I guess lol

Re: Puch Bogging problem

clean the air filter with carb cleaner?

Re: Puch Bogging problem

brett...you are so helpful...what would I do without you! I don't take advise from people who have lots of mopeds, and none of which run...

you might as well take your own advise...

hahahahhah!!! :p

Re: Puch Bogging problem

my bros 78 puch had the same problem. make sure that ur carb is clean. what i did i wouldnt recommend because that you could cause damage......but i shot a little compressed air through the carb and then it ran like a dream. so your problem is probably just an obstruction.

Re: Puch Bogging problem

yeah fred it's proly a clogged carb I have biturbo, 14 mm and a polini, but i let it sit all winter and stuff got in the jet.I cleaned it and it runs like a dream now.My jets in the 90s though with the polin so no help here sorry.Jim

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