Flywheel Generator

the generator wheel only makes a rotation after about 4 full rotations of the pedals. what do you guuys think might be the issue here, and if i need to take that bad boy apart how? (difficult to get a grip on the opne on the other side of the one pictured. the piston is punping, but like i said only after 4 pedal rotations


Re: Flywheel Generator

Is the drive chain slipping when you are pedaling? Is the drive chain moving when you are pedaling also? Check the sprocket under the pulley assembly and see if you are missing teeth? The pedals move the chain, the chain moves the flywheel when starting....if i am correct....I would start there...

Re: Flywheel Generator

The starting clutches are not making contact probably.........they're in the variator. don-ohio

Re: Flywheel Generator

well i figured it out that you have to pull the lever that allows air intoi the piston, which makes it easier for the gerneator to spin and spin it does, whcich ultimatly led to the maiden voyage. cheers for the help anyhow.

Re: Flywheel Generator DO hafta' pull the decompression lever. That let's compressed fuel/air out of the cylinder and makes it turn over easier. don-ohio (:^D

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