Garelli Woodruff key help

We took the flywheel off of my girlfriends moped and when transporting we lost the little woodruff key(that piece of metal that keeps the flywheel held on and aligned) The engine she has on her bike is a 2 speed garelli engine pictured below:

I dont know if the woodruff keys off of other garelli or Italian engines will work or not? If you have one we are interested. Also if anyone knows the size of the key that would be awesome..

Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

curt just buy some small woodruff keys from a hardware store and file them down till they fit, a woodruff key is a woodruff key, it just has to fit in the slot,

i just lock them in a pair of vice grips and file them down till they fit

Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

hey, nice moped, good luck with the woodruff key. If you cant work one out yourself, try, i've ordered from them a couple times, good guys.

nice garelli! that is definitely not stock. i'm working on a eureka flex currently, if you could post a couple more shots of it along with a rudimentary list of mods I would be incredibly thankful (not to jack your thread or anything)


Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

Small engine repair shop will fix you up with one. don-ohio

Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

yeah were in Chicago (city) there arent many small engine shops within the city.. I was just looking for someone online with one. it seems like it would be easier.

Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

you gotta have hardware stors right, hell i was able to find woodruff keys at a small hardware store in downtown boston

any hardware store with a midwest fastners or other brand of fastners should have woodruff keys, just buy a few of the smallest ones, and then see if they fit in the crankshaft slot, they most likely will be to big, so you'll have to file it down a little bit

Re: Garelli Woodruff key help

Yeah, really...I've got a crapload of em in my toolbox now. I'll send one in the mail if you really can't find a hardware store. They'll be with all the nuts and bolts an all.

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