motobecane exhaust issue.

just realized i posted this to the wrong forum so here it is again...

my 50v is leaking some fumes out of the top of the exhaust, right where the pipe meets the engine. my exhaust is old, covered in grease, and definitely dirty inside and im probably going to get a new shiney one. until then, how can i rectify this exhaust leak, if possible? thanks!


Re: motobecane exhaust issue.

Copper exhaust washer. you would need one with a new muffler too.

Re: motobecane exhaust issue.

I am having the same issue. The o-ring of mine is really in bad shape. I have lost all kinds of compression because of it. I have bought some new ones and I am just waiting for them in the mail. Oil and gas is leaking out of mine a little...and it is not running well!

Re: motobecane exhaust issue.


I see your profile says you only have one Motobecane, but you said you bought "some" exhaust washers.... got any to spare? The S&H from themopedjunkyard is a little too pricey, so I'm trying to find one elsewhere.

Thanks for the guide, by the way!

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