Sava MC2 Tire balance mark?

I am still struggling with getting my new 2.5" Sava MC2 tires balanced.

I went to the library and checked out a book on motorcycle maintenance. In the book it says "make sure the tire balance mark aligns with the valve stem".

The balance mark indicates the tire's lightest spot.

Does the Sava MC2 tire have a balance mark that aligns with the valve stem?

On each side of the tire I see several little triangle pointing up with the letters TWI beside the triangles.

Thanks for you help.

Day 11 without a moped to ride because of tires! Damn!

Re: Sava MC2 Tire balance mark?

There is no tire balance mark on the sava tires. (actually not all tires that have a tire balance mark are supposed to have that mark go by the valve stem (Metzler's for example go opposite the valve stem).

The TWI mark is the Tread wear indicator mark. You will see a slighty raised line at that point that runs across the tire. When you wear down to that it is time for new tires. Sava tires on Mag wheels are extreemly easy to seat. So if you are having difficulty you may want to take it to a bicycle or power equipment shop. (motorcycle shops usually frown on any Moped related work) Lastly they can be dificut to seat if they have been stored improperly (vertical instead of horizontal) as the wire bead can become "out of round".

Chris MWH

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