'78 Motobecane Parts NEEDED

I have a ’78 Motobecane 7 and I need a new chain as well as a gas cap. The chain is for the right side of bike, if looking at the bike. It is the chain that runs the bike / motor, not the pedals. Thanks. IF not, would you happen to know where I could find those items.

Re: '78 Motobecane Parts NEEDED

Sorry I can't help, King. But I have a '78 Motobecane 50V, so if anyone here has 50V parts, not 7 parts, please let me know. I need a copper exhaust o-ring and a gas cap. Thanks!

Re: '78 Motobecane Parts NEEDED

Re: '78 Motobecane Parts NEEDED

Cool, thanks Dan! I saw one just like this on ebay a week or two ago, but the opening price was something more like $25, not $5. Do you know if this is universal-- will it fit a 50V? The guy doesn't say.

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