QT 50 owners Unite, CDI testing....

Hello all QT 50 owners. I was wondering if maybe we can put something together to test the CDI system. I don't know how well this will work but its worth a shot. Seems like some of us have been having some issues with the ignition at times (which i am having right now) The shop maunual tells you how to check the coil and the electrical but thats about it. Not much on the CDI components. If we can get someone to do a resistance check on the connectors on a bike thats running good, then at least we'd have something to go by. Thats if we get any readings. I'll see if i can do it on mine tonight. Should only take a few minutes. Mine runs fine on start but not in the run position. I'll test the two black boxes in the back of the seat and the wires coming out of the engine. If I post my readings can some of you do the same and we can compare them and see if any comonents are out of whack? Then once we got the info, if theres not a huge difference in them, I can post them on a site so we have them for future reference. There should be some type of readings on those plugs. Id shows to test the CDI in the shop manual but i don't see any resistance tolderances it shows just a picture. Hopefully some of you will want to give this a try. Thank you.


Re: QT 50 owners Unite, CDI testing....

I took the readings. I onyl got one across the following contacts. It was from the Black wire on the harness to the black red. All the other ones had no reading. It was around 10k ohms

On the other black box in the back of the seat i read across the harness on that and got no reading across any of the contacts. If any of you QT owners out there have a minute can you check and see if you get similar readings?

I checked the readings across the pulser coil and the main coil in the motor and all is well. any help would be appreciated. I also took apart the ignition switch and cleaned it real good and scuffed the contacts and have the same result.

Thank you,


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