Avanti super sport Please Help

My avanti wont come out of gear when i am trying to stop. I have asked a couple of people and they cant figure it out. I replaced the clutch rubbers, and the little tips. Should the moped role backwards because mmine wont and that may be the problem. Please help!!!!!!!1

Re: Avanti super sport Please Help

Sounds like maybe a clutch clip broke or spring broke. Take it apart and investigate. don-ohio

Re: Avanti super sport Please Help

Perry Manessis /

If you already changed out both clutches, it sounds like the clutch drive assembly has fused onto the crankshaft. You will need to take it of and lap it with lapping compound. Then polish it put everything back together. The way to check it is to remove the outer drum, remove the clutches and try to spin the clutch drive assembly by hand, if it doesn't freewheel on the crankshaft, it means it's fused together. This happens when the clutches wear out and don't grab. Also, too much oil will cause this to happen.

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