snark's pissin me off

ok the bike runs... and when it is going it's fine. starting it is a nightmare though. i installed a spanking new champion l86c just like Larry said was factory spec'd, it's full of gas. i mixed 2.501 gallons of gas with a cup (8 oz) plus a tiny splash of oil... which is as precisely close to 40:1 as i can get. the only possible problem i can see is there's a bubble in the gas line. any ideas?

Re: snark's pissin me off

Jason Luther /

hows the timing? and compression?

Re: snark's pissin me off

May be flooding slightly on you. EVERY time you stop it,close the fuel valve. See if that stops the hard-starting. If that doesn't,it could a weak spark because of points set too wide, slipped shut, or just corroded.Also, gas needs to be fresh. don-ohio

response to both

Jason: timing and compression must be good because once the bike starts it runs perfectly.

don: i'm almost positive it was just flooding now. starts just fine when i let it sit for a lil while. i think there might be carb issues. i'm not a good enough mechanic to start tinkering with points though so it may be that. the gas is only 3 days old.

Re: response to both

Andy Kochvar /

hmm ill take a look at it this friday dude! Very odd, I tested it for about 15 miles.

ill replace the fuel line, take apart the carb and clean it, and clean up the points a bit. make sure you don't choke the bike when its warm at all, it doesn't need it with the extremely restrictive air filter and floods easy.


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