Rethreading Idle Adjust hole.


recently, on a routine cleaning of my bing carburetor, i removed the idle adjust screw completely to clean it. I accidentally cross threaded it about 2 mm, when trying to put it back in, and it wont go in at all. Rather than trying to track down a new carb, i am thinking about taking it to a local hardware place, and having them try to reset the threading.

I am skeptical if this will work, whatsoever, becasause the carb is such a prescision oriented device. What do you think?

Re: Rethreading Idle Adjust hole.

I know these carbs are tiny & tight, but is it possible to install the screw (or at least a screw of the same size & thread pitch) from the inside of the carb?

If you can get one in from the inside, it will 'chase' the damaged threads as it works it's way towards the outside. Just put some oil on it, so that it doesn't bind up on the damaged portion.

Otherwise, you might be able to Heli-coil it. If you do, lock the Heli-coil in place with some red Loctite.

Re: Rethreading Idle Adjust hole.

I did the same thing on my first carb rebuild lol

I just got a couple of used ones on ebay and used one of the carb bodies as a replacement.. now I have plenty of spare floats, needles and other stuff that come in really handy!

Re: Rethreading Idle Adjust hole.

You could just re-thread the hole using a tap and die set, just to clean up the threads.

Re: Rethreading Idle Adjust hole.

Good point - that is, if he can catch the true thread with the tap. If he catches the crossed thread, then (as the Dead Kennedys say) you've got a "bigger problem now".

There are also these very clever thread chasing tools, that compress and fit into the threaded hole, allowing you to get past the damages portion. You then tighten the tool, and it expands into the good threads. Then, you back it out and it chases the bad threads as it comes out of the hole.

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