1986 jawa 210 carburetor

I have a 1986 Jawa 210. It will run but i always need to press the choke. Its been sitting it my grandfathers garage for 15 years. The inside of the tank is all rusted. I want to know if i should reseal the inside of the tank or get a new one. The gas and rust would go into my carburetor it messed it up. I need a new one. Do i need an original one, if i do where can i get one. If i can get a newer carburetor will it work. The carburetor is the JIKOV 2912 DC"2822". I also need a new air filter. Where can i get these parts. Thanks

Re: 1986 jawa 210 carburetor

sealing tank would be nice, but ya can just throw in some nuts and bolts, shake till your arms hurt, rinse good, and ALWAYS USE a fuel filter.

I doubt if you need new carb, that is a good one, just clean good, use carb dip if you can, don't put anything but metal in there it's strong stuff.

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