POR-15 or Kreem?

Louie Armstrong /

What's your opinion?


Re: POR-15 or Kreem?

Re: POR-15 or Kreem?

I'll state it again,

POR-15 rocks!!!!

Kreem sucks.

I've used both and I work in a polymer lab and have

for the past 24 years.

Kreem is a polymer emulsion and POR-15 is

a metallic loaded urethane.

Kreem is soft, POR-15 when it cures is hard as a rock.

Kreem is soluble in many solvents, POR-15 is not.

If someone gave me kreem, I'd throw it away and pay for POR-15.

I've heard many of horror stories about kreem and none about POR-15 (don't leave the lid off on the can because it

is moisture cure and will set up, use it immediately is

the only precaution)


Re: POR-15 or Kreem?

Louie Armstrong /

I guess I'll take your word for it, where do you reccomend I buy it?

Re: POR-15 or Kreem?


Just do a search for POR-15.

Sometimes you can find it on ebay.

The quantity for motorcycles might be more than

you need for one moped tank.

You could probably do two.



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