tire cracks

Matthew Scholtens /

I have some small cracks on the sidewalls of my tires. They are the original tires from 1980. I am not sure if they have "always" been there or if they appeared within the last few months since I was able to get the honda up and running. Is there any tire chemical/cleaner that makes rubber a little more pliable? The treads on the tires look fine. I am just trying to squeak a little more life out of them.

Re: tire cracks

See Ya Moped Army /

Your tires are dry-rotted from age and should be replaced ASAP. Dry rotted tires do not grip the road properly and are a recipe for disaster, especially when riding in the rain. Tires aren't that expensive and it will cost you a lot less (money and injuries) if you end up dumping your bike because it slides out from under you.

Re: tire cracks

Matthew Scholtens /

Thanks MoPedLar. Nice timing about riding in the rain. My ride home tonight will be in the rain, so it looks like I will be driving slower.

Re: tire cracks

Jonas Quimby /

My Express's tires have been like that since I got it a few years ago. If you're puttering around in a field at low speeds it's not so bad, but I definatly plan to replace them before I get on the road.

Too bad Pirelli no longer makes that size.

Avoid Cheng Shin tires!

Re: tire cracks

What size are they?

I just got a pair of Michelin 17x2.50 from Handybikes.com for 30 bucks on ebay! They look and ride nice!

I have a pair of expensive 60mph Sava Viper racing treads on my Puch Newport and they have tiny cracks all over the sides after only 10 months of use!

Re: tire cracks

Matthew Scholtens /

Fratbone - They are 2.25 x 14 for a 1980 no-ped Honda Express. I will start to look around for a new set of tires.

Jax184 - I am riding a couple of miles to work every day on paved pot-hole based roads. So, as MoPedLar pointed out, I should look at the safety factor here and get a new set.

Thanks for the info guys.

avoid cheng-shin?

I was curious why you said to avoid cheng-shin tires.. While I've never held them in much esteem, most cheng-shin stuff is about the quality of an OEM tire. Never seen one do anything evil (at least not on a motorcycle).

Re: avoid cheng-shin?

Don Pflueger /

they are the most horribly made tires and tubes out there. they are never round, the beads never seat right, ive seen two identical tires in the same size that are actually different sizes, they are not as well made as say kenda or sava tires, blow up a cheng tube and see how distorted they really are.

everytime i get a bicycle in with chengs, i cut them up and throw them away.

Re: avoid cheng-shin?

just bought 2 cheng-shin tires and tubes for my hero majestic panther. from handy bikes u.s.a. , i didnt know what brand id be getting. i thought id be getting the india dunlop brand like the ones that came on my moped. my kinetic trf u.s.a. has the dunlop tires on it that are the same as my panther. great tires they grip very well when i zip around a corner.

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