Whats inside an Exrpess Muffler?

Hi all, as the subect says.. whats inside an express muffler? baffle plates only?

I'm considering cutting it open on the seam, to clean out the carbon deposits. I've read many many post sabout high heat and chems, but I feel that this wont' cut it. To give you an idea, theres like 7000 on the odometer, and if you look into the mufflers back end, it's about half the dia. it should be!

Any ways back to the question, anybody done this before?


Re: Whats inside an Exrpess Muffler?

Jonas Quimby /

There are people who have done it, but I'm not one of them.

I've been meaning to try it on my rusty parts muffler, but have yet to get around to it.

I Think it's just a set of baffle plates in there, which means you could potentially gain a fair bit of power by messing with them.

The other reason I havent yet is because I like my moped as quiet as it is now, and dont really wanna make it a total beast. Something to consider.

Re: Whats inside an Exrpess Muffler?

Good point, (the noise)

I'm just moving in to a new house and I'll try my best not to piss the new neighboors off...

I'm just not convinced of either of the other two cleaning methods...


An alternative suggestion

James Foster /

Here's my suggestion I gave a person awhile back, and I know it uses "just solvents", but it works fine for me(on most occasions):

Express exhaust’s are difficult to clean, unless you have the right solvents. Here is a list of the most potent ones:

"B-12 Chemi-tool Carburetor cleaner" can be found at any auto parts store or wal-mart.

"Deep Creep Multi-use cleaner" can be found at some auto parts stores and specialty places.

And if those just won’t work, or you have really hard carbon deposits, buy some "Oven cleaner" from wal-mart or the grocery store.

A word of warning; Make sure to avoid inhaling, ingesting(kinda obvious), or getting these chemicals anywhere on you, especially the oven cleaner. I would highly recommend using long rubber gloves, some eye protection, and wear some long work pants/shirt on. And do this in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and on a spot where you won’t mind nasty, oily grease and chemicals on.

Now that you’re ready(hopefully), try spraying the chemicals(at different times, never combine different chemicals)into both open ends of the pipe, especially the tail end, shake it around a bit, and let it soak for a little while. Then, pour the stuff out of the pipe(do this by flipping the pipe over, cycling from one of the open ends, letting it drain, then flip it again, etc), blast some water through it, and drain that out well. Then either blast out the rest of the water with compressed air, or bolt the pipe on the bike and run it for awhile. It will smoke a lot at first, but run it for like 5-10 minutes, and it should blow the rest of it out the pipe.

Just make sure you are being safe with the chemicals you’re using, and ride safely(hopefully a little faster now that you’re pipe is cleaner).

As long as you hear "put put put put" instead of a quiet "hmmmmm" sound from the tail end of you're pipe, you should be good to go. You could also try using a screwdriver to knock out some of the hard carbon deposits inside the pipe.

Hope this helps! :)suggestion


Re: An alternative suggestion

James Foster /

Sorry about the word "suggestion" at the end of the message, I was going to spell check it real quick and I accidentally pressed enter instead. oops... 8-/


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