Newbie asking dumb questions

I have what looks like a 1973 Honda Novio. It wont make any type of responce to trying to start it. I did most of the things that said to do but still nothing at all. Should I be getting some type of responce evin thought i didnt do every thing on the list? Also a lot of the wires seam to not connect to any thing, is that the problem? does every thing need to be connected or can i just ground stuff?

Re: Newbie asking dumb questions

If there is no spark, I'd suggest (well, just about insist ;) that you find a wiring diagram for it. Otherwise, you're just taking pot-shots in the dark.

But if it does have spark, then all the usual drill applies. Air, fuel, compression, etc.

Re: Newbie asking dumb questions

Yea there is no spark, where can I find a wiring diagram?

Re: Newbie asking dumb questions

I don't know squat about Novios per se, but every Honda owner's manual that I've seen had a fold-out wiring diagram in the back.

If you can't find a service manual for it, the owner's manual might suffice.

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