i dont know much about 2 cycle engines, can someone tell me how to resolve this, fuel is leaking out of the carburetor (possibly)



Re: carb?

Don Pflueger /

there are a few things that cause a carb to leak

dirt in the needle and seat

worn needle and seat

leaking float

rusty or float hinge pin

stuck float

bad gasket

rust hole in the float bowl

cracked carb body

incorrect float setting

Re: carb?


Is it leaking from the body of the carb, or from the air intake?

If it's from the body, then don pretty well covered it. If it's leaking from the air intake, this is a common issue with 2-cycle engines - esp. piston-port designs.

Make sure that there is not excessive carbon plugging the exhaust port / pipe, and that you are using an original-type air filter / airbox.

Re: carb?

i attached a picture on the original message, if that can assist.

Re: carb?

Don Pflueger /

yea but we cant see inside the carb. you need to remove it and take it completely apart and look for any of the things i listed.

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