run light.. running out

my 77 kreidler flory is running like a champ now, but i have a small issue with the electrical. The filament on the bulb of my runlight keeps blowing up, since my bike is mag, the higher i get the engine going the brighter the light gets, until it inevitably goes out. How can i fix this????


(note, electrical skematic is attached)

Re: run light.. running out

I took a look at the schematic, and I don't see any voltage regulation on the machine. I'll assume that it's a ballasted system, where the load of the components is responsible for keeping voltage in range.

The running light is on the same circuit with the headlamp, tachometer motor, and the instrument lights. The winding that supplies it is marked 19W (watts, I assume),

So: Make sure that the tach is connected and working, and that the headlamp, taillamp, and instrument lights are the correct wattages. I don't see much else that could be causing voltage to go out-of-range. Did I miss a zener diode somewhere?

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