Wont idle

My 1981 Motobecane 50v will not idle. I have clean carb and a stright gas flow. and new spark plug.Help me ?

Also On the variator the plate falls off help me?


Re: Wont idle

your carb should have a screw with a spring on it. that's the idle screw. fiddle with it til it idles. not sure what else it could be with a clean carb new plug and good fuel flow. not sure about the variator at all, having never had a variator driven bike, could it be something with that?

Re: Wont idle

Dustin Jiles /

thanks i always wondered what that screw was for


well now ya know. just be prepared for a bit of frustration... it's a process that gets real old real quick lol...

Re: Wont idle

get a manual !!

I had same problem, it had only 200 mi. and always kept inside, BUT the main seals (on crankshaft) were bad, and at idle it sucks air and screws up mixture. ain't easy, gotta take engine all the way down and split cases. also seals are not standard (15mm) they are 16mm and henk vankessel in holland is the only source I know,,,,but now mine runs like new!


Re: Wont idle

hey, you wouldnt know where i could get one of those screws , do ya?

i had one but the vibration from the moped caused it to fall out during a ride. the screw didnt really do anything. even when i had it i couldnt get it to idle right. it was always too high then it would just work its way out again anyway. it runs fine aside from a little oil leaking from the exhaust ( gotta get a new copper ring). any other suggestions?

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