Tomos Headlight dims/flickers

Ian Steedman /

My headlight on my 95 tomos targa lx begins to flicker at higher rpms. its steady and bright while taking off but when im going flat out as fast as i can it dims and flickers. Help, why is it doing this??

Re: Tomos Headlight dims/flickers

THe lightbulb can be going .. Especially it being a '95, if its still stock, it could defianlly the lightbulb going.

Re: Tomos Headlight dims/flickers

i had a head light doing the same thing , the head light ground wire was not getting a good ground to the frame. that was on my hero majestic panther and thats the first moped i had with a magneto and i thought it was normal to do that. later it was getting worse so i took the ground wire screw out and used a screw driver and some emery cloth and got to bare metal and now it works great.

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