Motobecane exhaust gaskets - worth $20+?


I'm bidding on a pair of copper exhaust gaskets on ebay for my 50V, but with shipping they'll be over $20... is it worth it? The auction ends soon! Anyone ever tried making their own, maybe with some soft copper tubing?

If the other bidder is here, I'll stop driving the bidding up if you'll sell me one for $10!

Duncan, how much would you sell me yours for? Is it new/uncrushed? Any ideas about the price of shipping from France?


Re: Motobecane exhaust gaskets - worth $20+?

Whoa! Just found out that has these gaskets for $3.95, + S/H. Handling will be $5, I'm assuming postage will be pretty cheap... so, that works out to about $10, which is half of what the pair on ebay costs.

So, I guess I shouldn't go higher than $20; and ordering more from themopedjunkyard reduces the impact of the handling fee. I guess that answers my question!

Still, anyone found an acceptable substitute?

Re: Motobecane exhaust gaskets - worth $20+?

See Ya Moped Army /

$20 for a copper gasket is ridiculous. That's a $1 gasket.

Re: Motobecane exhaust gaskets - worth $20+?

Well, it was two gaskets, I'd planned on re-selling one... plus, half of that was shipping. The same is true of mopedjunkyard, unfortunately... at least $6 S/H for a $1 part that they could just as easily stick in a $0.37 envelope.

Re: Motobecane exhaust gaskets - worth $20+?

Louie Armstrong /

Find out the gasket dimensions and look for one at a local hardware or lawnmower shop.

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