Removing bad spray paint job ??

Hey guys,

My honda express has seen better days, the previous owner spray painted it black EVERYTHING but the seat.

I would like to get it back to it's original red, The paint seems to not have cured well, as I was able to pick some off with my nail. But I'm looking for a quicker fix, any ideas?



Same thing

I had the same thing happen to my moped. Get some waterproof sand paper, some water, and sand it down a bit. Normal sandpaper does the job just fine, but wetsanding helps deal with all the dust. Just be sure its dry before painting. This gives the paint something to stick to. As for rough spots, if you run your finger over it and you can feel it, when you paint it, you will be able to see it. Hit it with a Rustolium basecoat, white if you want the red to really stand out. Multiple coats are recommended, just make sure 1) layers are pretty dry before adding another, if there’s too much solvent left in the paint, then it will never cure right, and 2) paints are compatible. Some spray paints are made with different bases and when put together, it cracks, peals, bubbles up, looks like hell. Topcoat, and wax it up. If your rattle can skills are decent, it should turn out beautiful. Its not an instant fix, but the rewards are pretty sweet.

Re: Same thing

Hi Eric, thatnks for the info,

I guess I wasnt too clear, I would like to try to keep the orignial paint underneath intact. From what I see for picking it off, it's in good shape...

I just read somewhere that a carb cleaner sprayed on, and a rag will wipe graffitti off of a car, I'm wondering if it'll work on the ped?

Re: Same thing

carb cleaner will take a lot of it off, but may damage underlying stickers.

use a polishing compound to get the rest off

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

i had the same thing done to my had traffic cone orange, black. purple,green,blue, and red, and it was all layerd on. i just used some paint took off everything except the original paint. just make sure you wipe it off as soon as the spraypaint comes off or then there might be a chance itll eat through the original paint. it didnt on mine i would just use it as a precaution. my whole moped was covered with those thick layers. its now back to its original lime green color. good luck

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

Its going to be hard to keep the stock paint, why not just repaint it the stock color?

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

If it s already flaking off it shouldn't be too hard to clean. Most people jsut spray there bikes wiht any paint they find, most likely enamel. The paint on the nbikes are either powder coated or laquer base. The laquer holds up real well to grease and fuel. I recommend getting some mineral spirits and trying that. If that doesn't work then try some paint thinner. It shouldn't hurt the base coast since thats most likely tougher than what they put on there. There is an other option thats probablyt safer. get some 400 grit wet dry paper at a auto store. Get it down the the factory paint. Then from there move to 600, 800, 1000 and 1500, then get some polishing compound and polish it. Use all these with water, it give you as smoothers finish. The 1500 grit when used wet is close to a polish. Try it on a small section to see hw it works and how long it will take. It will be very time consuming.

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

Thanks guys,

I'm fortunatly only dealing with on extra layer of paint. So with a combo of the paint thinner and sand paper I think I'll hash it out.

The part that really pisses me of is that the guy hit the tires, air box, center stand, headlight, and ALL the tubes and cables.... What a mess...

I'll post a pic when I'm done... In a year...

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

hmmm well i got a decent amount of pait om my gas tank and i just took and old rag and dipped it in gas and rubbed it on the paint and it came rite off

Re: Removing bad spray paint job ??

SOS Soap Pads take spraypaint off really nicely and leave the original paint underneath.

I had an express somebody spraypainted light blue - I pulled off all the spraypaint and it even preserved the stickers.

I'm doing it to a 50v now

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