Motobecane fuel mixture 3%, 4% ?

The sticker on my 50V says 3oz per .6 gallon – This works out to 4% (I have no idea why they use .6 gallons since the tank holds a full gallon)

The service manual found here: indicates 4oz per gallon which is a b it over 3%

It is a 79 which is way after leaded fuel went away, so I don’t think that’s a factor.

Any ideas as to why the discrepancy?

What do you use?

Re: Motobecane fuel mixture 3%, 4% ?

Yeah, isn't conflicting data annoying?

As I understand it, the figure on the tank is for break-in. A fouled plug is cheaper than a seized piston, if you are the manufacturer.

4oz per gallon comes out to 32:1, and is the standard figure for small 2-cycle engines. I'd run at 32:1 and call it good.

Oils have improved since the 80's, and if you may find that less works just as well or better. There are some high-end racing oils that suggest you run at 48:1 (or higher) irrespective of the manufacturer's recommendations. Use common sense, and be careful.

Re: Motobecane fuel mixture 3%, 4% ?

Use good synthetic oil at 40:1 - 50:1 Less smoke, less fouled plugs, more power.

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