need help gas pouring out of carb

I have an A35 tomos with an athena 70cc kit with the amal carb. I had the bike apart while painting it and now that its back together it has gas pouring out of the carb on deceleration, while not running and even when it runs. also it 4strokes and chugs at anything more than 1/2 throttle. what should the 2 screws on the amal carb be set to. its almost impossable to restart after it floods itself out if it restarts at all

Re: need help gas pouring out of carb


Re: need help gas pouring out of carb

Dan Danner /

check the float

Re: need help gas pouring out of carb

The carb is clearly flooding. As dano said, it's probably related to the float:

- Float is sunk; Brass floats will leak and take on gas, foam types can break down and start absorbing gas Any increase in weight may cause flooding.

- Bad or fouled needle & seat. This is very common on Amal carbs,.

- Mis-assembly that is causing the float to bind. A new (and poorly fitting) gasket can do this.

- Plugged bowl vent. Sounds odd, but it can create a pressure situation that will make the carb flood. Find the vent and be sure it is clear.

A flooding float is very common after a rebuild & reassembly. Simply removing the carb, taking it apart and cleaning the needle/seat, checking float action etc might cure it. I've seen it over & and over again.

Hope this helps.

Re: need help gas pouring out of carb

those vents are clear fuel also pours from these I'll check the float

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